Front Entrance Damage

Front Entrance Damage

Dear Homeowners,

This communication is to update the community on the recent activity in our neighborhood. As you are aware, the front entrance area has been vandalized. The Board has previously notified the community, secured quotes for the repair and notified our insurance carrier of the claim. The Board also reported this incident to Cherokee County Police Department and a report was filed. The police officers instructed the Board as part of that investigation, to report any further activity to them.

Recently, there was also an incident captured on video at the pool regarding the gate sign. This was reported to the Cherokee County Police as instructed. Cherokee County did review the video and they issued a ticket on the matter.

The ticket amount issued is a set amount by law and not a value amount of the incident.

At no time has the Board indicated any specific owner of our community as the cause of the front entrance damage.

The decisions made by the Board on these matters are being broadcast on social media. As the Board has historically not used social media; this post is being generated to keep the community informed.

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